Foundation Giving

The Family Service of Billings Foundation plans for the future financial stability of Family Service.

All distributions from this Foundation support the mission and daily operations of Family Service.

We promote planned and legacy giving through:

  • Bequests call or email for ways to include Family Service in your will, trust or estate. Click here for contact information.
  • Deferred Charitable Gift Annuity – Take advantage of the most powerful, tax advantaged way to give to Family Service—the Montana Endowment Tax Credit.

Below are examples of two types of gift utilizing this gifting vehicle:

Donation made with Cash, Check or Credit Card

Donation = $7,500
MT Endowment Tax Credit – direct offset of MT taxes due: $2,529 Credit
Federal deduction taxes saved at 33%: $2,086

Estimated Out of Pocket Cost of Endowment Gift $2,885

This gift to Family Service costs only 40% of the value of the donation, due to tax advantages.

33% Federal Tax Bracket
Birth date of Donor: 12/1/1955, age 61
Cash gift of $7,500

Personal donation of appreciated stock to the endowment

Direct Stock Transfer, June 2016
250 shares of GE stock at $30/share
Donation = $7,500
Stock purchased June 2010 at $15/share = $3,750 purchase
MT Endowment Tax Credit–direct offset of MT taxes due: $2,529 credit
Fed and Capital Gain taxes saved $3,016
Total Tax Savings = $5,545

Estimated Out Of Pocket Cost of Endowment Gift $0

33% Federal Tax Bracket
Birth date of Donor: 6/1/1950, age 63
Direct share transfer with long-term capital gain:
$7,500 at time of transfer
$3,750 cost at purchase

This donation creates more in tax advantages than the stock originally cost the donor!

This serves as an illustration of out of pocket costs only. Your actual tax savings will vary based on your personal tax profile. Please see your tax advisor for your actual tax savings.