Executive Staff

Executive Staff

Ryan Cremer

Ryan Cremer is the Executive Director for Family Service. Ryan is a Billings native and believes, emphatically, that this community has the capacity to help alleviate the struggle for those most in need.  Ryan has 11 years of direct fundraising and management experience for non-profit organizations in Billings. Ryan believes that by raising awareness, providing basic needs to our neighbors, developing skills and education for those who need it most, and partnering with local businesses, Yellowstone County will become a better place to live and in turn will increase the quality for life for all.

“Living in a community that truly refuses to allow those most in need to go without a meal, a place to sleep, or ensuring that all basic needs are met, has always been a dream of mine. With the constant and steadfast support of our donors, we at Family Service come one step closer to making this dream a reality.”- Ryan Cremer




Development Director: Felicia Burg

Felicia Burg

Felicia is the Development Director for Family Service. After eight years in the nonprofit field, Felicia joined the Family Service team. Felicia believes every person holds value, has gifts to offer the world, and deserves a pathway to obtain all the basic necessities to live a happy, productive life. Felicia states, “It still amazes me, the beauty of our state, and how blessed I am to live here and raise my three children in the Big Sky State. Everything from camping, gardening, to driving up the Beartooth pass on a Sunday afternoon all bring my heart joy.”

 “There is no better way to thank God for your sight than by giving a helping hand to someone in the dark”- Helen Keller





Dawn Cowan

Dawn Cowan is the Commodity Supplemental Food Program Manager. Dawn grew up in southern Arizona, then returned to her Montana roots in 2016. She has an education background in public administration and nonprofit management and has worked in the government and nonprofit sectors. After providing fundraising support for two years at Family Service, she now manages the monthly senior food box program. One of Dawn’s goals is to see local nonprofit organizations working together to the greatest extent possible to provide a stable support network that ensures that no one falls through the cracks.






Val Caylon

Val Caylon is the Thrift Store Manager. She has wealth of experience, over 20 years in the field. Val oversees a team that processes over 300,000 items on an annual basis. She also oversees the voucher, and recycling programs.







Twileta Griggs

Twileta Griggs is the Program Manager of Client Intake for Family Service Inc. Twileta has been with Family Service for 10 years and has overseen the Client Choice food room, and client reception. Twileta believes in helping our neighbors find hope and possibilities to overcome challenges with their basic needs.

“I wholeheartedly believe in what we do at Family Service Inc.” -Twileta Griggs 






Matthew Hovan 

Matt Hovan is the Warehouse Operations Director. Matt has been with Family Service for over five years. He has overseen the facilities and warehouse operations for the entirety of his tenure. He is responsible for navigating over 4 million pounds of food throughout Yellowstone and the surrounding counties.







Kristian Stocks

Kristian Stocks is the Human Resources Coordinator for Family Service. After having graduated from Boise State University, Kristian started his career in HR with Head Start of Ada County.  He has over 15 years of experience working for both profit and non-profit organizations. However, he is happiest when working for a non-profit organization and is grateful for the opportunity to work for Family Service.  Kristian and his family have lived in Billings for over ten years, and he cannot see himself living anywhere else.  He loves the Billings community and the great state of Montana.

“Live each day like it’s your last, cause one day you gonna be right.”-Ray Charles